Everybody Needs a Shot In The Arm Occasionally!



80s Christian Metal Blessings!

We all need a shot of encouragement and hope from time to time---a REMINDER of good things, rigtht things, important things, ETERNAL & HOLY things!  This is why God created days months and years--so we could let go of bad days---and look forward to good ones!  Also, a weekly & annual calendar allows SUPER helpful, encouraging, days to come around AGAIN & AGAIN!  Every Sunday, I so enjoy communion with our Church family, as we all pause together to REMEMBER Christ and His sacrifice for each of us; it's powerful, inspirational and so encouraging!     In the Old Testament, God ordained severy "special days" and even weeks--for His people to celebrate in memory of His acts of deliverance and goodness to them!  Today, even though we aren't commanded to celebrate Christmas or even Easter  (RESURRECTION DAY) -- I'm so blessed by both of thes holidays and what they remind us of--every year!

So--THIS EASTER, I have a very special thing planned for the Pastor Brad Rocks Family!  I'm working on a series of five videos that I will air on the PastorBradRocks YouTube channel during PASSION WEEK (Mon. - Fri.)  March 29-April 2.

DAY ONE (Monday, March 29)
We'll talk about LIVING BY FAITH.

DAY TWO (Tuesday, March 30)
We'll talk about the HUMAN HEART & how God restores & heals our hearts by His grace!

DAY THREE (Wednesday, March 31)
We'll talk about how THE GOSPEL changed EVERYTHING!

DAY FOUR (Thursday, April 1)
We'll talk about how God lifts us up out of the poverty of sin by grace and fills our lives with the riches of His grace!

DAY FIVE: (Friday, April 2)
On Good Friday, we'll praise Jesus together for his willingness to leave HIS GLORY and step into the mess of our sinfulness and brokenness, and go to the cross for us--so that we could place our faith in Him and be lifted out of the mess of our sin and step into His glory!

DURING PASSION WEEK: I will send you a daily email reminder, with a link to each day's video.  It's gonna be a wonderful journey!  I hope you'll join me on it!

Until next time, fix your eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith!
Metal Blessings,